Performance Defense Partners with Nine Twelve, Bringing 5G Enabled Mission Critical IoT Solutions

by | Apr 8, 2021 | Press Release

Transforming Your 5G Ideas to Practical Solutions

PHOENIX, Ariz., March 31, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Performance Defense, a trusted engineering services and solutions provider for safety and mission critical industries, and NineTwelve Institute, a full-suite software and 5G rapid development provider, today announced a partnership, that would do DO178 certification ready 5G IoT gateway for the first time. Together, they will help industries requiring Mission Critical IoT, and the Department of Defense to utilize 5G through their expertise, technology, and platform.

Organizations around the world are quickly moving to adopt 5G. While the latest advanced wireless technology presents enormous opportunities, it’s a challenging transformation for one company to do alone. Organizations looking to transform must follow one of three paths: develop 5G technology on their own; partner with a company with 5G development capabilities; or be left behind. In the Mission Critical IoT industry, 5G is essential to connect devices, machines, and people in today’s hyperconnected world.

Performance Defense brings its deep knowledge and expertise in government and mission critical systems, government contracts, program management, and delivering aerospace solutions to the DoD and Intelligence Communities.

“I’m excited to partner with a commercial company like NineTwelve who already has a unique full 5G testbed through their relationship with AT&T. Together, we can take proven commercial products and apply them to mission critical systems in a more cost-effective, rapid rate,” said Darren Cummings, president of Performance Defense. Applying commercial solutions to government agencies, such as the DoD, is no easy task. This requires the knowledge and experience to ensure solutions meet the highest levels of safety, security, and reliability requireme­­nts.

“We are thrilled to work with a company with the federal government experience and technical capabilities of Performance Defense,” said Sean Hendrix, CTO of NineTwelve and managing director of the Indiana 5G Zone, the first state-based public-private partnership 5G innovation lab. “These skills will help us fulfil our mission of making 5G solutions available to all sectors of the economy and the defense community.”

NineTwelve brings together technologies, industry, and academic partners in a creative environment that supports prototyping and experimentation, resulting in fast-to-market products and services. It’s innovative 5G center, NineTwelve Convergence, is the first in the nation to offer demonstrable 5G rapid development for faster, low-cost 5G applications.

Now, organizations all over the world have the help they need to rapidly deliver real-time, secure Mission Critical IoT solutions with 5G capability. Performance Defense and NineTwelve are working to bring 5G solutions to various industries including national security, smart cities, autonomous mobility, manufacturing, agriculture, medical technology, sports technology and more.

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About Performance Defense

Performance Defense is a trusted engineering services and solutions provider for safety and mission critical industries. It’s deep knowledge and experience of government and mission critical systems positions itself as a prime developer and integrator for the Department of Defense and Intelligence Communities.

For more information, please visit,, email, or call 623-780-7517.

About NineTwelve Institute

NineTwelve, the parent of the Indiana 5G Zone and NineTwelve Convergence, teams industries, governments, and academia to meet critical technology needs. Its unique collaboration platform accelerates the design and implementation of emergent solutions by bringing together the key elements of innovation: collaboration, prototyping and experimentation. By creating these cross-sectoral collaboration networks that design and deliver groundbreaking solutions, NineTwelve focuses on emergent technologies such as 5G, advanced manufacturing, and trusted microelectronics.

About NineTwelve Convergence:

NineTwelve Convergence is a critical partner in lowering development costs, controlling risk and solving the challenges of DevOps. Bridging the gap between development and market deployment, NineTwelve Convergence ensures that industry investments convert rapidly into commercialized products. By becoming a member of NineTwelve Convergence companies can focus on their products, hot they integrated into a 5G system, and deliver the value promised of their new technology. This center will give companies access to test their capabilities in a “living” environment, or an environment that is not controlled. This facility is the first in the Nation to offer full-suite 5G development and testing.

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Chantelle Aguilar

Marketing Specialist, Performance Defense

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