How to Accelerate Your 5G Go-to-Market Strategy with Performance Defense

by | Aug 1, 2022 | 5G Technology

By Darren Cummings – President, Performance Defense

5G is a nascent technology, which creates significant issues for organizations looking to build and secure technologies that take leverage the next generation of mobile networks. Companies looking to quickly adopt next-generation communications solutions for their Internet of Things (IoT) devices need a solution that provides secure and efficient 5G communications support.

This is the final article in a four-part series discussing the impact of 5G technology on the defense and mission-critical IoT industries.

Performance Defense Enables Secure, Efficient 5G Adoption

Performance Defense’s EDGE Development Kit provides secure connectivity to multiple communications media for mission-critical applications. Key features include:

  • Security: The EDGE Development Kit is built with a Red/Black architecture, a Trusted Platform Module (TPM)-based hardware root of trust, and device-lever and operating system security controls.
  • High-Performance Computing: The EDGE Development Kit contains a quad-core, multi-threaded processor with high-speed memory and storage and support for expansion as needed to support high-performance computing at the network edge.
  • Real-Time Connectivity: The EDGE Development Kit offers support for connectivity via 4G/5G, WiFi, Bluetooth, SATCOM, and Gigabit wired ethernet ensuring reliable, high-performance communications in any deployment environment.
  • Certification Readiness: The EDGE Development Kit is manufactured in the USA using policies and processes that meet or exceed the requirements of relevant certifications, making systems built using our development kit “ready for certification”.

Why Choose the EDGE Development Kit for 5G IoT Technologies?

5G is a relatively new technology that is still in the process of being rolled out worldwide. As a result, the technology and infrastructure required to develop and test 5G-based solutions are not widely available.

Performance Defense’s EDGE Development Kit offers integrated support for 5G communications built and tested by the NineTwelve Institute. With the EDGE Development Kit, organizations can immediately add support for 5G mobile networking to their mission-critical IoT devices.

For more information on our EDGE 5G-X offerings, contact us today.

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This is the final article in our four-part series exploring how 5G communications technology can impact defense and mission-critical IoT. The first three articles in this series are:

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