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5G Communications for any mission

Performance Defense offers an unparalleled suite of 5G-enabled devices and components, meticulously crafted with robust features and the utmost security standards for superior performance in diverse environments. Recognizing the uniqueness of each mission, we go beyond standard solutions, providing extraordinary customization power.

Supporting Various Applications:

  • Resilient Connectivity (5G/4G, Wi-Fi, Satellite, etc)
  • Powerful Edge computing
  • Artifical Intelligence
  • Data Analytics & more!

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Edge Agile

Effortlessly operates on the Edge to support AI/ML 

Heterogeneous Connectivity

Connects various systems in real time, wherever they are 


Cyber security measures taken Hardware-based root of trust 

Trusted & Certified

Made-in-USA solution developed by top-tier teams

Edge 5G-X™

A customizable 5G solution built with a powerful base platform to seamlessly compute on the ground, in the air, and at the Edge.

Edge 5G-X™ Development Kit

A robust test stand built with an open-platform provides developers with an environment to test and integrate 5G and other technologies.

Edge 5G-X™ Card

A proven 5G communications card built for easy integration into an existing solution.


For 25 years, the Performance suite of companies has been trusted by major aircraft OEMs and top-tier suppliers to develop and deploy high-quality, low-cost solutions. Performance Defense was solidified as a small business in Phoenix, AZ in 2018 with the goal of bringing its proven commercial solutions to the mission-critical sectors, but with an emphasis on security.

Performance Defense was awarded it’s GSA MAS Award Schedule in 2023 for software engineering services
GSA (MAS): 47QTCA23D0075

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